A New Citycrush?

I’ve long had a romantic notion of Copenhagen, dating to my discovery of Karen Blixen. But what I’m feeling now, thanks to Danish Royal Library’s Prevent Movement is less romance and more twitchy crush. It’s been a while since we posted any Dutch love, too, and I’m wondering if perhaps that crush has simply run its course, and whether this post will launch a new series of fawning love letters, from our legendariness to sweet Copenhagen…

All of our weaknesses are here:

  • shiny colourfulness, see above
  • sound art, see below
  • performance inspired by concrete poetry

Wait – performance inspired by concrete poetry is not a weakness of ours. Yet. We were feelin the poetry inspiration, however: Dane Vagn Steen.

Astrid Lomholt – Love In Arabic
(not the actual sound of Prevent Movement, but rather another piece by the same artist)

See you there. If you can’t make it, meditate on that image while playing the sound file. For those with longer than average attention spans, more may be learned at the links above and below:

Prevent Movement

Tom Fruin

Astrid Lomholt

When Heavy Is Beautiful

Meant to post this earlier, but Christmas chaos has diminished my efficiency. The Inspiration Room has featured the arresting work of Seven Meters in Copenhagen, including some commentary by founder Jens Galschiot.  Their grim and dramatic statues were installed around the city for the COP 15 Summit on Climate Change. Much of the work deals with the issue of climate-driven displacement.

Copenhagen Statues by Seven Meters.

But, The Name?


Shots brightened my day with this article on a Copenhagen agency saving its director’s chair for females exclusively. The article did raise some unanswered questions (what was the nature of the feedback gathering in Southern Europe that was 95% positive? Does it’s gender-blind predecessor Agent Zoo continue?)

I imagine the agency was named Female Zoo by its male founder, rather than by its directors, since they are surely selected in part for their creativity.

But hey, in such a male-dominated field, this agency concept smells sweet by any name.

shots – News.