So Called


A very small detail of You Can Live Forever In Paradise On Earth #4. The huge rest is all like this. Or all different from this. We are pissed at Beautiful Decay because they led us to believe you could hear the audio Simmons and Burke match with this stuff on the website. Or we are grateful to them.



Chinoiserie, oil and acrylic on canvas, 2007

I’ve read some interesting texts on representation lately. One of them was the thoughts of Mark Tansey, from at least eighteen years ago, in Arthur Danto’s Mark Tansey: Visions and Revisions. The other was by Alicia Paz, on her website, linked below. Paz says that her current practice is about exploring the tension between illusion and process. You probably get a sense of the illusion side of that battle from the image above. It’s not like any place you’ve been before, admit it. For a better sense of the process side, click it and you should have a slightly better view of the assembly that’s deliberately on display.

Alicia Paz.

Just to Give You An Idea


Just saw this joyous collaboration of James Dawe and Fallon, wherein he has adorned their die cut cover of the re-printed One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich with his gleaming and exploding collage goodness. I was transported back to my first experience of the novel, during my eleventh summer: the summer of solitude and self-discovery. Solzhenitsyn’s depictions were so rich, I was romanticizing even *gruel*, hating Mom’s stew a little less when I was made to eat it. Now go check out Dawe’s stuff.

James Dawe.