Penelope Umbrico Is A Witch

I can tell from this Jasper Walking series. I went to her site to learn more about her Flickr moons and suns, and the next thing I know I’m removed from time, just walking right along with Jasper, loving walking, loving seasons, loving neighbourhoods, loving Jasper, occasionally wondering about the endlessness of the series of images, wondering but not worrying because I have been released from time, and then not even wondering anymore and just click click click walking with Jasper.

Umbrico : Jasper Walking.

Gaelic For Time

All is forgiven, Netdiver. How can I stay mad at you for stealing so much of my time this morning, when it is this very theft which is responsible for my improvement through knowing Emilia Forstreuter?

And maybe I left the doors open on that time anyway. After all, your link to Forstreuter’s work was only to her Vimeo, and I had to click around all on my own in order to experience the mindblow of her full site.

Anyway, now I am in post-discovery wonderment. Such fertility and diversity at age 27 – what esteem should accrue to Braunschweig University, to the U of Dundee, to the parents, to destiny? And of course my perpetual wonder: is she nice?

I think she probably is, because one of the things she created is a series of idents and bumpers for a made-up tv station that “wants to be a peaceful haven amidst the television jungle”. She calls it àm, which is Gaelic for time. Here it is. Oh, and lest I replicate Netdiver’s omission of the rest, here is her site.

àm //ident dancer from Emilia on Vimeo.