Napoli Atlas

Luh-uv Roberto Paci Dalo’s soundscape Napoli Atlas, posted at Soundwalk Editions recently. “Like an acoustical film without images” they say. Redundant language aside, the cinematic analogy is a good one, with a coffee bar lending a sense of narrative, while electronic and other less organic sounds keep you suspended in manipulation.

SOUNDWALK.COM/BLOG › Roberto Paci Dalo | Editions – Issue #1.

The Therapy Is Not Working


I want to take some sort of exception to Soundwalk‘s seemingly pure commercial aspirations, yet cannot experience anything but pure love for them. I want to dismiss Phillippe Starck‘s work for them as generic dubstep and cousins, but instead I cannot turn it off. Must be some hocus pocus involved. On the upside, I have learned that the pokeyness of the App Store has its place from time to time, as I hope to salvage some pride and break this spell before the iphone release of the mix is approved.

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