Dreamy Overlaps and Mingles

boar of letters, 2008

I finally got some q-time with the new Parasol, and number six did not disappoint. Among the delights presented by Mizz Parasol is Overture, aka Jason and Aya Brown. The Browns¬†say they are dreamers whose thought waves overlap and mingle. Which you don’t need to be told if you’ve seen the work. Parasol features some from their Caffeine series, watercolor and ink soaked in coffee. If you visit their blog, you will learn of a gathering March 11 which will involve mask making, storytelling, and animation screening. Another good reason to make NYC in March.

Overture Aya & Jason.

Best Damn Titles


“did my silence imply reflection?”, Ali Cavanaugh

As previously posted, Margaux Lange hath shown me the wonder of Ali Cavanaugh, and now I pay that forward to you, Legendary readers.

Cavanaugh’s site describes her process as fresco, in which she applies watercolor to plaster panels. “Fascinated by the dichotomy of the seen and unseen in the human condition…body and soul…Cavanaugh’s art brings to light the complexity within contemplation. Her signature poetic titles are part of the engaging discourse.” And those are all of my favorite things, so when my ship comes in, you know I’ll be starting my Cavanaugh collection post haste.¬†

Ali Cavanaugh.