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This is exactly what we had in mind when we created the Distracted category here at EML. More than 50 collections. Collections like Design of Understanding, Chermayeff & Geismar 1960-2006, and Insides/Outsides. Or browse by category: discipline, year, format, location, colour, industry. You don’t even have to be Distracted to enjoy it: hop on the “search” and get it over with. Navigation is another smorgasbord of options, all of them perfectly appropriate. Note for future development: a bit of context would be welcome, ideally on the page, or even just through a link out to the Wikipedia entry.

AIGA Design Archives.

Gaelic For Time

All is forgiven, Netdiver. How can I stay mad at you for stealing so much of my time this morning, when it is this very theft which is responsible for my improvement through knowing Emilia Forstreuter?

And maybe I left the doors open on that time anyway. After all, your link to Forstreuter’s work was only to her Vimeo, and I had to click around all on my own in order to experience the mindblow of her full site.

Anyway, now I am in post-discovery wonderment. Such fertility and diversity at age 27 – what esteem should accrue to Braunschweig University, to the U of Dundee, to the parents, to destiny? And of course my perpetual wonder: is she nice?

I think she probably is, because one of the things she created is a series of idents and bumpers for a made-up tv station that “wants to be a peaceful haven amidst the television jungle”. She calls it àm, which is Gaelic for time. Here it is. Oh, and lest I replicate Netdiver’s omission of the rest, here is her site.


àm //ident dancer from Emilia on Vimeo.

My Dutch Thing Continues


“Fabrics are the protagonists in the dazzlingly refined visual crescendo that is Forever.” Forever is the amount of time I have not known about Tord Boontje. Time I will never get back. This is one of those websites that feels like real time and space instead of the grifting most of the internet is. Magical creations photographed magically, presented through a magic interface (mui?). Under a magic moniker (already re-named my dogs Tord and Boontje).

Studio Tord Boontje.

Hijacking the Quotidien

There are no flies, as they say,  on Design Sponge. Here they feature wonderful French artist Martine Camillieri, whose description of her work adds to it another dense layer of enjoyment.

“All my artistic work aims to prevent the proliferation of objects on our planet. It is a lot of small ecological experiments aimed at recreating daily life. It is an ecological idea of everyday design, of slow-design or eco-design. The transformation of objects which are around us which we don’t see or no longer notice, it helps to give them a certain charm, avoiding the necessity of new ones. For me the object in itself doesn’t exist, it’s nothing but an endlessly interchangeable Lego brick, it is only important when we look at it. This is my work: If we look at objects we ( beautify them, turn them inside out, change them..) the fact that they are all around us should be enough for us. Let’s stop always wanting more, making too many or importing so many: one day all these goods will overwhelm us. After the factories which produce them, the warehouses that stock them, the shops that sell them, the discount shops in the suburbs which sell them off cheaply, we have arrived at whole cities which are totally dedicated to them, you can even visit them by train!”

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