This Beautiful Soul


I should have posted this long ago. Jonathan Harris will email you inspired photos with brief, honest, personal accounts of his observations and insights. They are not too heavy, not too light, not too complicated, not too simple. They will make you feel like you know him, and that you are pulling for him. Even a little afraid for him sometimes (the recent fainting account was one of those times).

Harris’ main work is, how to say – technology-related art projects? I especially like The Whale Hunt.

But Number 27 is the gift that keeps on giving, long after you’ve enjoyed the other projects.

Jonathan Harris . Feb 18, 2010.

Can’t- Stop! Cut- Broadband!

Sputnik Observatory - Themes

This is worse (better?) than TED. Online playground for the curious, Sputnik Observatory is a Jonathan Harris project, which means, for one thing, compulsive “page turning”. Part of it is the flexible navigation. Part of it is the ability to store your path. And part of it is that the only thing we love more than listening to smart people talk about cool concepts, is having the clip of the smart person start and finish in under two minutes. Enter at your own (productivity) risk.

Sputnik Observatory : Frequency.