It Is Maybe A Trick


Intrigued by the concept of the Track Your Happiness project, I engaged. So far I have spent about twenty minutes answering questions, first on my laptop, then on my iPhone. I guess they probably know that doesn’t make anyone happy, so maybe they figure that into their calculations?

If it returns to the interesting place that made me click in the first place (though it is possible that I just click anything that has an iPhone image), I will have more updates. The suspense is killing you.

Track Your Happiness.

The Therapy Is Not Working


I want to take some sort of exception to Soundwalk‘s seemingly pure commercial aspirations, yet cannot experience anything but pure love for them. I want to dismiss Phillippe Starck‘s work for them as generic dubstep and cousins, but instead I cannot turn it off. Must be some hocus pocus involved. On the upside, I have learned that the pokeyness of the App Store has its place from time to time, as I hope to salvage some pride and break this spell before the iphone release of the mix is approved.

24 Hours: The Starck Mix – Design – – International Design Interiors Fashion Travel.