Just. Beautiful.

And it’s an ad. “In March 2009 a small town in Iceland (Seydisfjordur) was filled with speakers. Sounds by Richard Fearless ( Death in Vegas ) Mum, Bob Dylan, Toumani Diabate, Roberto Goyeneche, Murcof, Federico Cabral, Guillemots, etc.” I don’t even care if it is real or not.

But, The Name?


Shots brightened my day with this article on a Copenhagen agency saving its director’s chair for females exclusively. The article did raise some unanswered questions (what was the nature of the feedback gathering in Southern Europe that was 95% positive? Does it’s gender-blind predecessor Agent Zoo continue?)

I imagine the agency was named Female Zoo by its male founder, rather than by its directors, since they are surely selected in part for their creativity.

But hey, in such a male-dominated field, this agency concept smells sweet by any name.

shots – News.

Crafty Spot

Wanted to give this spot props for its manipulation of our understanding of how to identify whose story it is we are watching. The whole thing turns on that, and I don’t think I’ve seen much exploitation of it before. At least not without dialogue insurance.