The Sound of Mirror


“The Infinity Forest is a green oasis amongst the hard, vertical walls of Penfold’s and Hosking Place.” Sydney. As there is no mention of any sound component to this intervention, I imagine the sound inside the box is much the same as outside, and I wonder if this adds or detracts from the Infinity Forest experience.

Infinity Forest Project / Scale Architecture | ArchDaily.

Beloved Neuroses of Others


No need to post on the despised neuroses. The internet is bursting with that commentary.

This cat draws detailed blueprints of classic television cribs, like Laverne and Shirley’s, the Flintstones’, the Cleavers’, even Batman’s. Actually, especially Batman’s – visit that first. Brought to my attention by SpaceInvading.

Plans of famous TV homes by Mark Bennett | SpaceInvading.

Prolly Witness Nasty All The Time


Wallpaper’s got the interactive floor plans and photo galleries of London’s Open Houses, set to erode your contentment later this month. Tidbit from the description of the one pictured here:

“From a street elevation that is plain and discrete, with an expansive panel of frosted privacy glass hinting at the glassy wonders within, the visitor steps into a light-filled world of technology and visual drama. The concrete-framed house is effectively a pavilion that opens up to the verdant expanse of the cemetery, a romantic landscape of mossy tombstones and crooked monuments.”