Like A Flesh Farm Invading My Mouth

Boogie Woogie Wonderland

I learned of Takuji Kogo recently, as I learned of the fullness of Instant Coffee’s endeavours, all through Art Metropole. It was the video work of both that Art Metropole had collated and distributed, but it is the language work of both that charms me most. A recurring element in Kogo’s work is found texts – everything from want ads to fortune cookie slips. Presented as text on a screen, but in fragments, or sung as simple melodies through a vocoder, the actualities are encountered fresh, their backstories and imagery evoked for contemplation. When matched with a slowly zoomed and panned image, the effect is to eavesdrop on the collective unconscious. The image work is effective on its own, as well, as seen above in Boogie Woogie Wonderland (with its added zest of looping frames). But for the full effect, visit Kojo’s project site *Candy Factory. Cute Or Creepy is a terrific specimen to start with.

Gaelic For Time

All is forgiven, Netdiver. How can I stay mad at you for stealing so much of my time this morning, when it is this very theft which is responsible for my improvement through knowing Emilia Forstreuter?

And maybe I left the doors open on that time anyway. After all, your link to Forstreuter’s work was only to her Vimeo, and I had to click around all on my own in order to experience the mindblow of her full site.

Anyway, now I am in post-discovery wonderment. Such fertility and diversity at age 27 – what esteem should accrue to Braunschweig University, to the U of Dundee, to the parents, to destiny? And of course my perpetual wonder: is she nice?

I think she probably is, because one of the things she created is a series of idents and bumpers for a made-up tv station that “wants to be a peaceful haven amidst the television jungle”. She calls it àm, which is Gaelic for time. Here it is. Oh, and lest I replicate Netdiver’s omission of the rest, here is her site.

àm //ident dancer from Emilia on Vimeo.

Time Management Fail


From the site: “The One Minutes were launched in 1998 and by now it has…an archive of 10000 video works…The One Minutes contribute to a rich and diverse picture of the world. ” Categories include city one minutes, wedding one minutes, train one minutes, etc. With a concept like this, I could have only hoped that the site would be noisy or inscrutable, enabling a clean getaway (to other online time wastage). Alas, it is irresistable. I read about it first on PSFK, natch.

The One Minutes | The One Minutes are videos precisely one minute long..