8 thoughts on “Takes the Cake

  1. Surfing mobile? If so, that’s the problem. A legendary weakness. If not, OS and browser info might help us troubleshoot (might not too as we can be fairly stupidy ourselves). Would love to rectify, they are so marv, and a good match for the pic.

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  3. Not stupidy on mobile (this time)! No, stupidy on Firefox which has more updates per day than I have orange chocolates that no one wants. Will try Chrome and Safari and then, if I must IE..heh Will report back.

    Stupidy very bad in the last 96 hours. I do not blame legendary at all!

  4. OK, we’ll poke around on this end too. WordPress and its plugins keep valiant pace with Firefox and its extensions for updates. Your troubleshooting donation should be repaid in visits of orange chocolate lovers, if there were any justice.

  5. @Yvonne
    Whehl…the pc of the household is now too old to communicate with our router, so testing on this end, for the time being, can only be done maclike. And the file played on mac FFox, Chrome and Safari here for us, but I wondered if it was a format issue since it was m4a instead of mp3 as they usually are. So I replaced it with an mp3 conversion. Does that fix it?

  6. Hurrah! It works on Chrome. Haven’t tried Firefox again but will now…Yup, it’s working there too. Very happy because the track is beeoootiful and really melds wonderfully with the pic. Thank you legendary peeps.

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