That’s Right: 80


(Markus Klinko + Indrani)

Lest you dismiss Hello Kitty as a simple children’s franchise, consider a few things with me here. The design is 35 years old now. Celebrating this, 80 artists, including heavy hitters like Ron English, responded to Sanrio’s call to “interpret their creative vision of Hello Kitty” for the anniversary. The link below is to Reuters’ wire item on this. You see what I’m saying? Hello Kitty is foweals, mang. So you can be a hater or a celebrator, but you can no longer turn a blind eye.

PS: Regarding the “three apples” measure, as the Smurfs are EVEN OLDER than HK, does this mean Sanrio was biting Hanna Barbera’s steez on this? Cute connoisseurs: weigh in.

Ha ha.

Hello Kitty Art Show at Three Apples Exhibition: SANRIO Collaborates With 80 Popular Artists to Celebrate 35 Years of Hello Kitty | Reuters.