Ephemeral and Nonviable. Or, Giant Jewelry


Ahhh, these are so great! Guess what? It’s in Amsterdam! What the hell is going on with Even More Legendary and the Netherlands? I don’t get it. This recent jewelry grad transforms existing urban structures into giant jewelry. She is working with that zeitgeist about “ordinary”, and quotes the poetic words of photographer Joel Meyerowitz on the second splash page, Splash The Sequel, of her site: “It may be the slant of the light, it may be even the smell, something not visible, you may feel yourself rooted to the spot where suddenly there’s a smell of salt water mixed with roses, and it’s got your number. At that moment you know ‘I’m alive. Here, now.’ And what’s there? Whatever you make of it. Sometimes it’s ephemeral and nonviable. Ordinary.” Saw this over at todayandtomorrow.net.

Liesbet Bussche.