Why Do I Need To Think He Is Nice?

I follow Eric Whitacre in Facebook. His Lux Aurumque blew me away the first time I ever heard it, and still shivers me timbers countless listens later. He is a young, online, easy-on-the-eyes guy too, which, perhaps strangely, I do not associate with the world of virtuoso choral composition.

Today I share with you a post from my Facebook friend Eric. He is producing a virtual performance of Lux. Actually the Facebook post is of a blog post, which includes enticements to investigate further, such as “Making the conductor track was a strange experience for me personally. The production crew set up the cameras and left the room, and I conducted through the entire piece in total silence, hearing only the ‘ideal’ version in my head. Then I went back to the video and played the piano part over my silent conductor track. That was especially difficult, and weird: the Eric-piano-player playing for the Eric-the-conductor on a piece that Eric-the-composer wrote ten years ago.”

Should you decide to participate in the virtual performance, the video you’ll use, for syncing and of course for direction from The Eric, is right there, beckoning…Actually it is right here too, above. But go read the original post, below.

Virtual Choir: The Lux Aurumque Conductor Track « SoaringLeap.com.