Please Go So That I May Live Vicariously Through You


Charles Spearin’s The Happiness Project is perfectly titled (I am NOT obsessed with titles). Ain no way you can listen to these snippets of his neighbours’ happy chatted thoughts, which he has turned into happy musics, and not feel happy. And now, Coolest Festival Pop Montreal, features a house filled with artist interpretations of the tracks on the album, one track per room. It’s an Artist Bloc project, featuring work by Crush, Inc., Beluga Studio, Nicole Legault, David Collier and Marianne Collins, Marijke Bouchier, Svea Vichander, Amy Vickberg, and Corri Lynn Tetz.

My inability to attend, ironically perhaps, is making me fairly unhappy. It’s on from September 30 to October 4. Details:

Artist Bloc » The Happiness Project @ POP.