“In November of 1998 AMFTSWKESR moved to the midwestern United States to be close to a curly haired woman he met in a chat room for people with a shared interest in a commercially unsuccessful science fiction film from the 1980s.”

-Tom Bartlett

In case you have not come across Significant Objects yet, the loveliness is:

Joshua Glenn and Rob Walker share an interest in arbitrary significance, if I can call it that. They’ve written books about it. Now they are curating a project in which they procure items from thrift shops, commission fictional accounts of the items’ pasts, and then auction off the items avec stories on eBay (proceeds to the author).

I have been contemplating related ideas since I was a girl, when tossing emptied pop bottles into the designated receptacle felt harsh. My longtime fave Cintra Wilson has contributed to the project. In other words, I think I love these guys.

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