The Closing Of The Tab


Cleaners . Oil on panel . 2009

I tweeted Justin’s show at Master Piper a while ago. Today I had to consider why I still hadn’t closed the tab containing the essay and some of the work. It didn’t take me long to solve that riddle: I’ve been looking at it every day. So, in deference to tidy browsers, I thought I’d store it away for myself here.

MASTER PIPER / Artist / Justin Mortimer.

Justin Mortimer Artist Official Website.

Abrasive, Offensive, and Heretical


l-r: Reclining Dude, lithograph; Tricycle #1, torn steel and chain; Duelling Dickheads, acrylic transfer.

And now to get off the roundablog of art-of-the-moment, and share a little rearview of Peter Walker. Walker was born in London, England, but grew up and studied primarily in western Canada, before switching coasts to practice and teach in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. Walker has worked in painting, lithography, photography, drawing and sculpture for over forty years. The work is in private and public collections, including that of the National Gallery of Canada. Walker’s work has often been controversial, as it goes to the places we are taught not to go in polite discourse, such as sexuality and religion. Read more courtesy The Art Gallery of Newfoundland and Labrador, the Mount Saint Vincent University Gallery, and the artist’s own site. Or just hang out, offended and abraded, with the images here. The tricycle works, by the way.

Overthunk, again

“How can an invitation to step onto a painting of a magic carpet, or throw a coin on to a painting of a wishing well create dialog about the social function of painting?”

This opens up a deep crevasse in my mind, separating my logical inclination to dismiss this idea as unrealistic, from my YAY FUN. I think this can be resolved by a simple (and familiar) self-admonishment: do not overthink, Sasu.

No, instead, just continue to gaze with pleasure upon her lovely works online, and hope for an opportunity to experience them sometime offline.