Nothing’s Shocking


We don’t actually believe that, of course, which is why we will start in all caps: DO NOT VISIT THE TARGET OF THIS POST IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE LOOKING AT PORNY NAKED DUDES.

If you do visit, you will be treated to clever commentary on crazy photos collected from the internet. True cleverness, not the juvenile lampoon ubiquitous on sites like Unhappy Hipsters. You will likely read multiple posts, because LD offers more than just lulz – the commentators’ interiors-savvy gives the posts a pleasing weight, pointing out elements such as escritoires and Frank Frazetta prints. But the real triumph here is the consistently decor-focussed commentary juxtaposed with images whose focus was never intended to be the setting. ¬†And there you are, looking past the what-is-he-putting-in-his-bum, to the vinyl tablecloth. Genius.

LURID DIGS : Horrifying Gay Amateur Interiors.