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Thought I Was Over Wanting That

Ahhhhhhhhhh. Yeah, I could almost drop a tab after this. Almost.

This Beautiful Soul

I should have posted this long ago. Jonathan Harris will email you inspired photos with brief, honest, personal accounts of his observations and insights. They are not too heavy, not too light, not too complicated, not too simple. They will make you feel like you know him, and that you are pulling for him. Even a little afraid for him sometimes (the recent fainting account was one of those times).

Harris’ main work is, how to say – technology-related art projects? I especially like The Whale Hunt.

But Number 27 is the gift that keeps on giving, long after you’ve enjoyed the other projects.

Jonathan Harris . Feb 18, 2010.

Lara Favaretto

More terrific installations, seen on Vvork. Especially love Simple Couples, pictured.

Lara Favaretto.

Panache Kills

Just. Beautiful.

And it’s an ad. “In March 2009 a small town in Iceland (Seydisfjordur) was filled with speakers. Sounds by Richard Fearless ( Death in Vegas ) Mum, Bob Dylan, Toumani Diabate, Roberto Goyeneche, Murcof, Federico Cabral, Guillemots, etc.” I don’t even care if it is real or not.

Où Est Chop Chop?

photo courtesy Amy Hope Dermont

And here are some places you might see, or might have seen What Cheer? Brigade.

This Sort Of Thing Can’t Really Be Overreported

Me reading Wooster reporting on Rumpus interviewing Anthony Lister. Excerpt:

“(Anthony Lister) This piece, titled HOLY MOLY (mixed media on canvas, painted 2008), is based on a story about Britney Spears’ sister having a baby. I initially painted a picture of a pretty young woman with a baby spitting lottery balls out of its vagina as if to suggest that children are a metaphor for the Holy Grail. It is a painting about fertility, miss-guided youth and predators within social networks and in the media.”

Wooster Collective: Zak Smith Interviews Anthony Lister.

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Adam Cvijanovic

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I Was Moving It The Wrong Way

“I was moving it the wrong way, Dick.”

Walt Disney reveals the multi-plane camera. Disney choirs oo in the background. This is an easy seven minutes to pass.

Pointed out by Motionographer.