Endless Somehows

Cocorosie is Special

Witness the special look. Read the special talk. Hear the special sound. Over at Lost At E Minor.

Cocorosie back on the road again – New Music | Lost At E Minor: For creative people.

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Mother of All Funk Chords

I guess y’all have seen this Kutiman action by now, but you know what? Watch it again. You’re ready, trust me.

Usually Banal, Now Irresistable

Katie Paterson’s Glacier Jam

You have probably seen this by now, it’s been around. But I wanted to make sure. I think Wunderkammer was one of the first to post it, but regardless she certainly is one of the best posts on it, which discourages any inclination I might have to riff. I simply point you to the link below.

Wunderkammer : A Journal of Environmental Art: Katie Paterson: Langjökull, Snæfellsjökull, Solheimajökull.

What Was I Waiting For?

Notes On A Scandal? I mean. Delicious writing. Jaw-dropping performances. I wish Cate Blanchett was my mom.

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Number Two…Number Two…Number Two…

Second verse Book City Jackets sweet as the first. These work on you from several angles: the nostalgia for that period of your life that also includes wet mittens, lunch ladies, and bullies. Er, no, not the bullies. Moving on to another angle: the aura of simplicity and authenticity that radiates from craft paper. And transcending all angles, the crazy dope artwork on these bad boys.

Featured above is Michael Hsiung’s “Betwixt a moment of adoration and obsession, the man is taken aback by the baby angora unicorns”. If you know what I mean. Other works this round by Cheeming Boey and Nishat Akhtar.

artists edition no. 2 « Book City Jackets — Make Every Book Beautiful.

The Dreams of Paolo Roversi

photograph by Paolo Roversi, from W Magazine

Mm, I was in the mood for the dark mustiness of this today. Fall can bring out my inner goth, on the overcast days at least. The behind the scenes video is brief and enjoyable, too.

Paolo Roversi: Dream Sequence: Fashion: Wmagazine.com.

Next Time I Ring The Bell

Objet de Lux

From an old Cabinet. Cabinet is wonderful. Prefer offline to online, not because the online is not wonderful, but because the offline is even wonderfuller. Here’s an excerpt of this piece:

“Brilliant and passionate, as fun-loving as she was hard-working, “la divine Émilie” was both admired and loathed by her peers, stunned as they were by the nerve of an eighteenth-century female who was as capable of debating men on the laws of physics as she was of performing the role typically assigned to her gender. She left in her wake a series of lovers in the best tradition of intrigue among French royals—or rather among intellectuals, long before the Existentialists and the French avant-garde”


CABINET // Object Lesson / Objet de Lux.