She Can Say What She Likes

One Floor Up More Highly copyright Katharina Grosse and VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Recently I lapsed into an old conversational tic I’d thought extinct in my language: emphatic declaration. Specifically, I declared as bullshit the declaring of Patti Smith’s work as bullshit. The irony pierced me instantly, and I retreated into bemused introspection for a couple of sips.

The experience improved my reading of this interview with Katharina Grosse. Whose work I deeply dig. (…could have selected an image featuring materials other than soil…could have left out “dig”……….)

Katharina Grosse.

You Think You Know

Lucky, 2010 © Jessica Joslin

There is a school of thought which maintains that everyone has some special ability. Obviously, I have no idea whether or not that is true. One thing I do know, Jessica Joslin’s experience of flea markets and antique shops is different than mine. I see antlers, casters, saxophone. She sees Lucky (pictured) and his pals (link below). If that’s not enough, she can actually realize that vision.

Something else you can’t know without asking, but that I am comfortably imagining, is that Jessica Joslin enjoys Barbara Gowdy‘s writing.

Jessica Joslin.

So Sad It’s Funny

You may feel, as I did, completed by the homepage alone, pictured above. However, you will be rewarded if you, as I did, turn the page and check out some of his lovely work. Well worth being treated like shit by total assholes, imho.

Lorenzo Fonda, director..

Snarl Vs Tangle

Good At Getting

Favorite Flavour of Watercolour

Cookstown by Merv Richardson, seen on Robert Genn’s Painter’s Keys.

Excellent Vortex

Michelle Fleet, photo copyright Jordan Matter

I love this project, in concept and in execution. I had been thinking that I could browse it endlessly, when a funny thing happened. My typically hyperbolic thought became reality, and the series went on without end. The device I first saw it on did not display a complete thumbnail gallery, so I had no idea how many photos were in the series. I just knew that I had been viewing them for some time, then I knew that I’d had that thought repeatedly, then I hypothesized that the website somehow triggers new photos (how it would locate such amazing events was obviously the x to solve for), then I considered throwing in the towel but was still too entertained to do so, then I became sleepy but aware that I could not stop viewing, then I thought of Bunuel’s Exterminating Angel, then I sought sanity and considered my unfortunate dance ignorance and determined to end that, then I found myself back at the beginning of the thought cycle (certainly not the photo cycle) realizing that I was again noticing how long I’d been viewing.

Dancers Amoung Us | Jordan Matter Photography – New York Headshot, Comp Card Fashion & Wedding Photographer.

Then The Alternative Interpretation Dawned

ROA!’s images of piled up critters are interesting, but none moreso than the ones of rats. Taking a normally endearing animal image, the “puppy pile”, and applying to a reviled beast, provokes the kind of thought I like to entertain.

Wait – they are asleep, aren’t they???

London-Groupshow Brick Lane Gallery on Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

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Not Convinced They Come In That Colour

I imagine this Jonas Wood as a sort of compulsive painter, continually painting, unable to stop. I imagine this because the subject matter appears to be every detail of his surroundings, including basketball cards, stacks of stuff in rooms, and people in kitchens and so forth. And milk crates. But I don’t know.

Some of it reminds me of South Park.

Booooooom! sent me there.

Anton Kern Gallery.

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Feeling Tina Berning

Illustrator Tina Berning: prolific, and versatile. Visit a smattering at Booooooom!, linked below, or visit the mighty catalogue on her site.


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