Apropos Of

Left, Ngar Ball Traditional Masquerade Dance, Cross River, Nigeria, 2004, Phyllis Galembo. Right, Economies of Living … Continue Reading ››

Suits My Crazy

YouTube Preview Image Today, Motionographer sagely, generously directs us to revisit Tadonori Yokoo's strange Kachi Kachi Yama. We take this direction, and we are grateful. And now we must spend some googletime trying to learn more … Continue Reading ››

I Am Like A Crow

Or at least I am like the crows of conventional wisdom, said to appreciate shiny. Appreciation augmented by vivid colour in the shiny. Lost At E Minor … Continue Reading ››

In Other Words, Smoking Helps

Hurrah, I have finally seen Elephant, Gus Van Sant's award-winning 2003 film based on the Columbine school shootup. If I'd written this post last night, it would have been passionate, maybe all caps. I was … Continue Reading ››

Not Like Her

From a small square of lcd screen, you can only imagine how beguiling Holly King's photographs of multimedia models would be if you saw them … Continue Reading ››