Lite-Brite Lady and the Unicorn

Sometimes a simple expository title is all that is required.

Wooster Collective: Shit We’re Diggin: Joey Syta’s Lite-Brite Lady and the Unicorn.

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Jason Hawkes, superfly

Steed Steez

ok, sometimes I will vacation here

I never have to worry whether I love PSFK just because they are purple, as long as they keep posting stuff like this.

Nautilus House – PSFK.

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Happy To Do My Duty

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Stroking The Long Cool Hip

Minding Their Own Business

So Called

Detail, You Can Live Forever In Paradise On Earth 4

A very small detail of You Can Live Forever In Paradise On Earth #4. The huge rest is all like this. Or all different from this. We are pissed at Beautiful Decay because they led us to believe you could hear the audio Simmons and Burke match with this stuff on the website. Or we are grateful to them.

My Dutch Thing Continues

“Fabrics are the protagonists in the dazzlingly refined visual crescendo that is Forever.” Forever is the amount of time I have not known about Tord Boontje. Time I will never get back. This is one of those websites that feels like real time and space instead of the grifting most of the internet is. Magical creations photographed magically, presented through a magic interface (mui?). Under a magic moniker (already re-named my dogs Tord and Boontje).

Studio Tord Boontje.

Neil Krug on Fecal Face

Image is from this guy’s upcoming movie Invisible Pyramid, which is gonna look good, I’m thinking. This reminds me a bit of a scene in Roeg’s The Man Who Fell To Earth.

Fecal Face – Mini Interview: Neil Krug.