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I post this even though it’s over (not in my email = viewed maybe monthly. Email sub option please, LIMO, cuz monthly’s not enough of you) partly because I want to be able to look at the pretty picture in here, and partly assuming it will go on to other locations (assuming because there is no googleable indication of this). Set your alerts.


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Did Somebody Say Mew?

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Lures you with cute, then spanks you with dark. Always more impressive to me when it’s student work, as is the case here, specifically Sheridan students (at the time) Vera Brosgol and Jenn Kluska. Seen on Motionographer, who apparently saw it on Media Molecule. Web-go-round.

Roy One Pynchon Zero

Well, I finally finished it. A friend who is an avid reader, and more to my point, a socially avid reader, in that she participates in a book group, tells me that she knows a number of people who have not finished it. A number of people. She had told me this before I finished, but I don’t think it spurred me on. Although I do carry some baggage around my multiple failed attempts to finish Gravity’s Rainbow.

I thought I would feel relieved when I finished. Not just because I had been finding it hard to stick with, but also because I was out of renewals at the library and was reading it on ever more costly overdues.

I didn’t feel relieved. I felt disappointed, at first, and actually I felt an expected disappointment. There had come a point in my reading The God of Small Things when I started expecting ultimate disappointment. I lost faith. But then, having finished, I read the laconic author bio on the back sleeve, and “first book” restored my faith. After all, I had enjoyed beautifully conjured settings, lush atmospheres, and an important social commentary. I suspect it will be memorable. My disappointment was only with a payoff that did not match its buildup. (Nor would I want it to. The payoff was fine. It needed less buildup.) A structural thing, really, and that reminds me of the kind of chop that gets honed with practice.

I hope Arundhati Roy will write a second book.

Mostly lists, not many reviews yet, but you might consider that a blessing.

Install This

Snarl Vs Tangle

Have Always, Will Always Love This

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They Die Into The Railing

“Every architect practicing today has to somehow resolve the mythology that Julius Shulman captured for us.”

This will be one of those documentaries that will make me simultaneously inspired and overwhelmed. Can’t wait, sort of. Brought to my attention by those smarties at It’s Nice That.

Mother of All Funk Chords

I guess y’all have seen this Kutiman action by now, but you know what? Watch it again. You’re ready, trust me.