Dramatically Competent

Not Yours

Supernumerary, acrylic on canvas, 2010

No, it’s someone else’s now. But you can still get yours at Corey Helford until May 5. Or tell Mr. Petker you’d like more notice next time.

Joshua Petker.

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Afro. Galaxy.

Afrogalaxy. 2007

Mequitta Ahuja.

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Apart From and Above All This

Fabric Architecture

That’s silk, people. LACMA has announced today that Do Ho Suh’s Gate, pictured above, will be installed this weekend. No smoking. Read more at their blog:

Making Memories from Silk «.

Please Go So That I May Live Vicariously Through You

Charles Spearin’s The Happiness Project is perfectly titled (I am NOT obsessed with titles). Ain no way you can listen to these snippets of his neighbours’ happy chatted thoughts, which he has turned into happy musics, and not feel happy. And now, Coolest Festival Pop Montreal, features a house filled with artist interpretations of the tracks on the album, one track per room. It’s an Artist Bloc project, featuring work by Crush, Inc., Beluga Studio, Nicole Legault, David Collier and Marianne Collins, Marijke Bouchier, Svea Vichander, Amy Vickberg, and Corri Lynn Tetz.

My inability to attend, ironically perhaps, is making me fairly unhappy. It’s on from September 30 to October 4. Details:

Artist Bloc » The Happiness Project @ POP.

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Feeling Michael Kenna

(Michael Kenna, Above the Abreuvoir, Marly France, 1996)

I think it’s the fog and the clouds, this time of the year, round here. The trees, of course, are enigmatic wonders year-round. Kenna says he likes to spend a lot of time with trees, getting to know them, and that he will return to the same tree again and again over time. See his work right now at Kushiro Art Museum, Kushiro, Hokkaido, Japan and Box Gallery in Brussels, Belgium. Or soon in Paris, at either Camera Obscura Gallery or the Bibliotheque Nationale. Or next year in Italy and the USA. And not that it is just or reasonable to look at exquisite, medium format long exposures on the internet, but if you can’t make Japan, Belgium or France…


Tyranny Of Ego

On the Beaver

Castor Castoreum

Frank Shebageget is an Anishnabe (Ojibwa) installation artist from Northwestern Ontario, now based in Ottawa. His work is at once familiar and strange – familiar materials and iconography, presented in surprising forms. And once you’re contemplating that mashup, you are likely to go on to contemplate his themes of consumption and colonialism. My corvid taste and monkey mind are normally drawn to flashier, more complicated installation. Note that the photo I chose does not support my description of the work. But feeling the clean simplicity of this work, I wonder if there is hope for me yet. Shebageget has brand new work at the Carleton gallery right now until August 22. If you won’t be able to visit, you’ll have to settle for pictures on a website.

Frank Shebageget.

The Jingler

“Make any song a holiday song.” I recommend PJ Harvey, Man-size.

The Jingler.

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