Who Needs Tilt Shift?

These are *stencils*, brother, on concrete blocks in a warehouse. More magic from Germany's EVOL, brought to me by the kind folk at PSFK. (Sure to see it in … Continue Reading ››

The Title Adds

I really get Untitled, you know? It's like, if you can't get the title of the piece right, don't force it, or you'll kind of wreck it. But when you can get it right, you … Continue Reading ››

Then The Alternative Interpretation Dawned

ROA!'s images of piled up critters are interesting, but none moreso than the ones of rats. Taking a normally endearing animal image, the "puppy pile", and applying to a … Continue Reading ››

Will It Be A Webcrush?

YouTube Preview Image Now, admittedly, I only paid strict attention to this for the first six and the final three or so minutes, and I hardly ever was watching, just listening. But this is inspired. The is-it-robot-voice-or-is-it-human intrigue … Continue Reading ››

. :

. : The symbol representing Jessica Eaton. These symbols come up in your browsing dialogue popup whozits, and you never really know if it's a lost in machine translation thing … Continue Reading ››

Don’t Forget the Doctor

My title strangeness continues. Last night I discovered what I have been missing by censoring The Cat Piano from my screen, based solely on title. Not that I gave it much thought. I see references … Continue Reading ››