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Animate Field

Thank you, Régine Debatty. You complete me.

Readers, if you have not already, please proceed directly to Régine’s superb site we make money not art and read what Justin has to say:

Interview with Justin Lui – we make money not art.

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Overthunk, again

“How can an invitation to step onto a painting of a magic carpet, or throw a coin on to a painting of a wishing well create dialog about the social function of painting?”

This opens up a deep crevasse in my mind, separating my logical inclination to dismiss this idea as unrealistic, from my YAY FUN. I think this can be resolved by a simple (and familiar) self-admonishment: do not overthink, Sasu.

No, instead, just continue to gaze with pleasure upon her lovely works online, and hope for an opportunity to experience them sometime offline.




A friend just sent me this link, and I cannot figure out if this is for reals or what. Not that a glass female urinal is so unlikely. But the c.1750 part, I just, I don’t know, I think of that time as one of complete genital denial for humanity.

Making the Modern World – Everyday Life – Home – 1750-1820.

Nothing Like That

Love Loopy

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Do You Have Too Much RSS?

I Am Moving Here

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The Satisfaction

As I dipsydoodled deliriously through James White’s work, I had a moment of lucidity devoted to Chuck Anderson, contemplation of which only floated me higher into my giddy delight. Alas, web pages are not infinite, and I reached the bottom, only to find the aforementioned eye medicine man atop a fairly short shoutout list. So I wasn’t *that* high.

Signalnoise.com | The art of James White.

I Was Moving It The Wrong Way

“I was moving it the wrong way, Dick.”

Walt Disney reveals the multi-plane camera. Disney choirs oo in the background. This is an easy seven minutes to pass.

Pointed out by Motionographer.