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The Jingler

“Make any song a holiday song.” I recommend PJ Harvey, Man-size.

The Jingler.

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Abrasive, Offensive, and Heretical

l-r: Reclining Dude, lithograph; Tricycle #1, torn steel and chain; Duelling Dickheads, acrylic transfer.

And now to get off the roundablog of art-of-the-moment, and share a little rearview of Peter Walker. Walker was born in London, England, but grew up and studied primarily in western Canada, before switching coasts to practice and teach in Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. Walker has worked in painting, lithography, photography, drawing and sculpture for over forty years. The work is in private and public collections, including that of the National Gallery of Canada. Walker’s work has often been controversial, as it goes to the places we are taught not to go in polite discourse, such as sexuality and religion. Read more courtesy The Art Gallery of Newfoundland and Labrador, the Mount Saint Vincent University Gallery, and the artist’s own site. Or just hang out, offended and abraded, with the images here. The tricycle works, by the way.

Quotes Dawkins.

Now playing at Jenkins Johnson (and their Armory Show exhibit), Courtney Johnson’s Glass Cities should inspire a resurgence of cliché-verre experimentation. Johnson works in a variety of techniques, including cyanotype and emulsion lifts, as well, and all of it can be seen on the site linked below. This process experimentation is often a focus of commentary on the work, understandably. But the style is not, solely, the substance, nor does it obscure the themes and viewpoints of the artist.

Courtney Johnson – Glass Cities – Jenkins Johnson Gallery, New York, NY – February 11 – April 3, 2010.

Drawn Into Their Stories

Any kind of diorama makes me happy, I am totally cheap that way. But these! Just the right amount of narrative is injected to draw you into the magic.


Kelly and Michelle Dynamo

Wendy and Lucy made me want to dig up all of Kelly Reichardt’s work and study it to see if I could learn how she creates “tension” or at least a sustained engagement out of thin air, seemingly. It is possible, of course, that one could watch Michelle Williams read a book and find it compelling. Anyway.

Got to follow the Film Society of Lincoln Center in your mode of choice, blog, twit, whatevs. Stuff like this is why:

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For That Matter

Will It Be A Webcrush?

Now, admittedly, I only paid strict attention to this for the first six and the final three or so minutes, and I hardly ever was watching, just listening. But this is inspired. The is-it-robot-voice-or-is-it-human intrigue increases my enjoyment. And the point, if I understood it as intended, lights up my “money is the root of all evil” button nicely.

I saw this on my very first ever visit to 3 Quarks Daily, which may well become a bona fide webcrush for me.

Bison. Dope.

I didn’t even read the article about this project. I didn’t have time. But this image blew my mind so I had to clawback a moment to post it. Photographer is Todd Stewart, read more about the project over at It’s Nice That.

It’s Nice That : Article : The 50 States Project.

Time Out of Place

From 2007, Semiconductor’s hypnotic portrait of Kings Cross. Blieve we make money not art pointed me to this either directly or indirectly.

Time Out of Place.