At A Pace

Street Art in Kenyan Slums

Webcrush Wooster Collective keeps me up to date on JR’s nonstop genius.

Wooster Collective: JR Finishes His Most Ambitious Project Yet In The Slums In Kibera, Kenya.

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Oh, Changephobes…

I enjoyed this comparison of the aesthetics of bike stands around the globe. Montreal is experiencing the predictable Bixi backlash (“they take up so much room”, “eyesore”, etc.), and the images in this piece lend some perspective, I thought.

are bixi stations a blight or beautiful? – Metropolitan News.

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The Complicated Post

I post this even though it’s over (not in my email = viewed maybe monthly. Email sub option please, LIMO, cuz monthly’s not enough of you) partly because I want to be able to look at the pretty picture in here, and partly assuming it will go on to other locations (assuming because there is no googleable indication of this). Set your alerts.


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Next Time I Ring The Bell

Unicorn Not Shown

She Can Say What She Likes

One Floor Up More Highly copyright Katharina Grosse and VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Recently I lapsed into an old conversational tic I’d thought extinct in my language: emphatic declaration. Specifically, I declared as bullshit the declaring of Patti Smith’s work as bullshit. The irony pierced me instantly, and I retreated into bemused introspection for a couple of sips.

The experience improved my reading of this interview with Katharina Grosse. Whose work I deeply dig. (…could have selected an image featuring materials other than soil…could have left out “dig”……….)

Katharina Grosse.

UV Index High

Time Management Fail

From the site: “The One Minutes were launched in 1998 and by now it has…an archive of 10000 video works…The One Minutes contribute to a rich and diverse picture of the world. ” Categories include city one minutes, wedding one minutes, train one minutes, etc. With a concept like this, I could have only hoped that the site would be noisy or inscrutable, enabling a clean getaway (to other online time wastage). Alas, it is irresistable. I read about it first on PSFK, natch.

The One Minutes | The One Minutes are videos precisely one minute long..

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Felt Your Wistful Moments