Yorkshire Hardcore

“Yorkshire hardcore” Chris Akrigg goes fixed, and picks it up straightaway natch. Just like you or I would. Yeah.

One gear No idea from chris akrigg on Vimeo.

Made of JEWELS!

Jen Grant collects garbage, and with it, sculpts political commentary in public spaces. The projects are pleasing, sometimes by virtue of their materials (a hammock made of jewelry!), sometimes by virtue of their inventiveness (chairs turned into steps up and over a fence), and sometimes by virtue of their environment (a swing hanging from the Botanic Gardens bridge), but always by virtue of their politics, expressing notions about freedom, waste and capitalism.

Learned of her at Wooster Collective. See her work, read her ideas:

jen grant: hammock.

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What Was I Waiting For?

Notes On A Scandal? I mean. Delicious writing. Jaw-dropping performances. I wish Cate Blanchett was my mom.

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This Old Trip

Kristan Horton. Orbit: The Original.

I watched this video of Kristan Horton talking about photography helping address a desire to be everywhere at once, and off I went. Imagining the scene behind the glowing motor inn window Christmas Eve, my own shoes scuffling a dusty roadside as yet unvisited, pining for the multitude of compelling eras I can’t live. Intimate terrain, wordless lifelong companion.


That’s It. I Grow The Stache

I am still a sucker for this subject matter, and dude nails it. Brought to our attention – so often the case – by Wooster Collective.

Joe Holbrook – Fine Artist.

Oliver Vernon

The Booooooom! dude just keeps rolling the finest online art. Three cheers!


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Another Is Imminent


(Anselm Kiefer/Nomenus Quarterly)

So set your rss or bookmark or whatever system you use to nomenus quarterly, as his newness should arrive very shortly. And you know that six grand pricetag on the print edition is for chumps.

The Robots

Such As It Is