One Fell Swoop

Ocean Scene Globe | Significant Objects

O my heart. Love this project, as previously posted, but especially love the writing on this one.

Ocean Scene Globe | Significant Objects.

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This Should Seem Weirder

“This flying chocolate pig is filled with applewood smoked bacon, Alder wood smoked salt and deep milk chocolate.”

Buy Bacon & Chocolate Bars, Treats and Gifts from Vosges Haut-Chocolat – Flying Chocolate Pig.

Curiosity Killed Some Time

Dawn, 2005, oil on canvas

Imma dig deeper on this, but you might as well be looking at it while I do so. Just clicked around a bit after seeing this on sweet Booooooom! and didn’t find much, at least not instantly. Part of my problem will be that I am seeking not just biographical information, but commentary on ideas like “how is he incorporating so much death and doom imagery without invoking goth?” Will tweet any progress.


Progress! And sure you don’t all tweet, didn’t mean to sound coercive, so here’s the 411: Saatchi has a selection of Gerhard’s works online, each with enjoyable and thought provoking commentary. The Loyal still has a 2008 show up with a statement. And if you travel back in web time to 2006, David Marcus will answer all of your questions in a most satisfying piece for The Brooklyn Rail.

Till Gerhard online at The Saatchi Gallery

Mansion on the Hill at LOYAL

David Marcus on Gerhard in The Brooklyn Rail

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Intimacy, Defined

From WebUrbanist via PSFK, comes my awareness today of Compagnie Willie Dorner. Apparently it is more concept than a set troupe, as performances around the world feature locals. Contemplating this on a screen, at least, pleasure arrives from two directions: the hideaway appeal of the nook and cranny, and the simple aesthetic cheer of multicolor!

“Living Sculptures” Squeeze Human Performers into Unexpected Spaces – PSFK.

Be Prepared

Maybe you’ve seen her fold paintings at the Whitney Biennial*. Maybe you attended her performances at Deitch Projects with Cameron Miserow on the Auerglass, the pump organ they designed. Maybe you were a delegate of Rhizome’s Seven on Seven the other day, and saw her create interactive sculpture on the fly with Ayah Bdeir? Perhaps you have been exposed to her work on the Geometry Playground project for the Exploratorium?

If not fret not. Tauba is going to be busy blowing minds for a long time to come, and she gives warning of opportunities to witness. Prepare for her madhouse website, linked below. Bookmark.

*not too late

Tauba Auerbach.


Kiss Concert Parking Area

Edward Burtynsky’s new work, Oil, is on the move, currently in New York’s Hasted Hunt Kraeutler Gallery and DC’s Corcoran, and soon to appear in Amsterdam at Huis Marseille. Down the calendar a bit, shows are scheduled in Canada and Scotland, as well. You can get the idea from his website, linked below, but of course you really need to be in the room with these large prints for maximum effect.

Edward Burtynsky [ Photographic Works ].

Spoiled Girl

There is no way for me to love this any more. I hope I don’t ruin my love by watching it repeatedly, but I just can’t stop. I don’t think it can be spoiled anyway.

Mark Jenkins’ Collage

This is over, but check the images anyway. Collage goodness.

Wooster Collective: Mark Jenkins Solo Show In New York This Saturday.

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Then The Alternative Interpretation Dawned

ROA!’s images of piled up critters are interesting, but none moreso than the ones of rats. Taking a normally endearing animal image, the “puppy pile”, and applying to a reviled beast, provokes the kind of thought I like to entertain.

Wait – they are asleep, aren’t they???

London-Groupshow Brick Lane Gallery on Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

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