Like A Flesh Farm Invading My Mouth

Boogie Woogie Wonderland

I learned of Takuji Kogo recently, as I learned of the fullness of Instant Coffee’s endeavours, all through Art Metropole. It was the video work of both that Art Metropole had collated and distributed, but it is the language work of both that charms me most. A recurring element in Kogo’s work is found texts – everything from want ads to fortune cookie slips. Presented as text on a screen, but in fragments, or sung as simple melodies through a vocoder, the actualities are encountered fresh, their backstories and imagery evoked for contemplation. When matched with a slowly zoomed and panned image, the effect is to eavesdrop on the collective unconscious. The image work is effective on its own, as well, as seen above in Boogie Woogie Wonderland (with its added zest of looping frames). But for the full effect, visit Kojo’s project site *Candy Factory. Cute Or Creepy is a terrific specimen to start with.

Residual Fun Residual

I Would Change It, Were It Mine

Not the art, which is perfect just the way it is. No, I mean the name. It’s just, like, taken, and not by someone I would want to share with. Although this cat does seem to dig on clown-type stuff, so maybe he likes his name just the way it is too. Anyway, rad paintings, see more at Booooooom!


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Françoise Nielly

Striking portraits. Found her site through The Cool Hunter, who recommended her video particularly. I concur – watching her work large scale with knives is inspiring. I once made an instructional video about palette knives. That step by step lessony thing seems pointless to me now, looking at this – I reckon anyone’d get a heap more out of just watching talented artists actually work with their knives.

The work featured dates back to 2002. You can see a subtle increase over this period in the use of the dayglo palette, which suits me just fine thanks.

Françoise Nielly – Artist :: home.

Drinkin and Smokin and Screwin w/o Guiltin

I love, in the bittersweet sense of the word love, looking at authentic 70s images. It makes me yearn for an existence with less worry. Sure, I know the worries come from knowledge, and I guess it’s good that we know more things to worry about today. Actually, I am willing to bet there wasn’t even less worry, just different worry, and I am really indulging in nostalgia for something that never even existed. Anyway, check out her socks:

Back in the Day: A Bit on the Long Gone, Dearly Departed, Apartment Life Magazine | ReadyMade Magazine.

Twas Coudal who showed me this ReadyMade surf. Thanks, CP.

She Can Say What She Likes

One Floor Up More Highly copyright Katharina Grosse and VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Recently I lapsed into an old conversational tic I’d thought extinct in my language: emphatic declaration. Specifically, I declared as bullshit the declaring of Patti Smith’s work as bullshit. The irony pierced me instantly, and I retreated into bemused introspection for a couple of sips.

The experience improved my reading of this interview with Katharina Grosse. Whose work I deeply dig. (…could have selected an image featuring materials other than soil…could have left out “dig”……….)

Katharina Grosse.

No, I Am Moving Here

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Peace Out

Markus Weldon Imagebank. Truly inspired animated gifs. See for yourself:

Flickr Photo Download: Animated gif.

Then Like

Reindeer Are Real

David Bacher, augmenting his anthropology background with a photographic focus, in Kiruna, Sweden. “The colors are natural, untouched by digital manipulation…”

David Bacher « The New Breed of Documentary Photographers.