But, The Name?

Shots brightened my day with this article on a Copenhagen agency saving its director’s chair for females exclusively. The article did raise some unanswered questions (what was the nature of the feedback gathering in Southern Europe that was 95% positive? Does it’s gender-blind predecessor Agent Zoo continue?)

I imagine the agency was named Female Zoo by its male founder, rather than by its directors, since they are surely selected in part for their creativity.

But hey, in such a male-dominated field, this agency concept smells sweet by any name.

shots – News.

Less Laundryfreude

I hope Dyan Marie has a personal assistant. Otherwise I don’t know how she could produce the volume of work she does AND keep on top of things like meals and laundry. Marie creates organizations, street art, publications, events, photography, websites, interventions, galleries. I won’t take time out from my demanding laundry schedule to detail it all here. You can read about it on her website. As an enticement away from your own laundryfreude, know that the website includes an apology for mailing poison ivy-laced cards to heads of government and industry. And that you can see more of the work above, from her series “Un-still Lives With Traffic”.

Dreamy Overlaps and Mingles

boar of letters, 2008

I finally got some q-time with the new Parasol, and number six did not disappoint. Among the delights presented by Mizz Parasol is Overture, aka Jason and Aya Brown. The Browns say they are dreamers whose thought waves overlap and mingle. Which you don’t need to be told if you’ve seen the work. Parasol features some from their Caffeine series, watercolor and ink soaked in coffee. If you visit their blog, you will learn of a gathering March 11 which will involve mask making, storytelling, and animation screening. Another good reason to make NYC in March.

Overture Aya & Jason.

Install This

Paul Urich

Fecal Face hosting this great looking show called Gone But Not Forgotten, featuring the work of one of their faves, Paul Urich. Damn, on the wrong coast again.

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Have Always, Will Always Love This

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Like A Flesh Farm Invading My Mouth

Boogie Woogie Wonderland

I learned of Takuji Kogo recently, as I learned of the fullness of Instant Coffee’s endeavours, all through Art Metropole. It was the video work of both that Art Metropole had collated and distributed, but it is the language work of both that charms me most. A recurring element in Kogo’s work is found texts – everything from want ads to fortune cookie slips. Presented as text on a screen, but in fragments, or sung as simple melodies through a vocoder, the actualities are encountered fresh, their backstories and imagery evoked for contemplation. When matched with a slowly zoomed and panned image, the effect is to eavesdrop on the collective unconscious. The image work is effective on its own, as well, as seen above in Boogie Woogie Wonderland (with its added zest of looping frames). But for the full effect, visit Kojo’s project site *Candy Factory. Cute Or Creepy is a terrific specimen to start with.

Knit Vs Woven

Cultivated Mystique

The Sound of Mirror

“The Infinity Forest is a green oasis amongst the hard, vertical walls of Penfold’s and Hosking Place.” Sydney. As there is no mention of any sound component to this intervention, I imagine the sound inside the box is much the same as outside, and I wonder if this adds or detracts from the Infinity Forest experience.

Infinity Forest Project / Scale Architecture | ArchDaily.

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