The Lives of Others

All story all the time. Well, and stunning performance from the surveillance guy. Major pageturner. Couldn’t help but reflect on Stephen Harper’s views on the arts in Canada, watching this. Extra impressive as a first feature. Here’s the director on Charlie Rose.

A New Citycrush?

I’ve long had a romantic notion of Copenhagen, dating to my discovery of Karen Blixen. But what I’m feeling now, thanks to Danish Royal Library’s Prevent Movement is less romance and more twitchy crush. It’s been a while since we posted any Dutch love, too, and I’m wondering if perhaps that crush has simply run its course, and whether this post will launch a new series of fawning love letters, from our legendariness to sweet Copenhagen…

All of our weaknesses are here:

  • shiny colourfulness, see above
  • sound art, see below
  • performance inspired by concrete poetry

Wait – performance inspired by concrete poetry is not a weakness of ours. Yet. We were feelin the poetry inspiration, however: Dane Vagn Steen.

Astrid Lomholt – Love In Arabic
(not the actual sound of Prevent Movement, but rather another piece by the same artist)

See you there. If you can’t make it, meditate on that image while playing the sound file. For those with longer than average attention spans, more may be learned at the links above and below:

Prevent Movement

Tom Fruin

Astrid Lomholt

Jason Hawkes, superfly

Ephemeral and Nonviable. Or, Giant Jewelry


Ahhh, these are so great! Guess what? It’s in Amsterdam! What the hell is going on with Even More Legendary and the Netherlands? I don’t get it. This recent jewelry grad transforms existing urban structures into giant jewelry. She is working with that zeitgeist about “ordinary”, and quotes the poetic words of photographer Joel Meyerowitz on the second splash page, Splash The Sequel, of her site: “It may be the slant of the light, it may be even the smell, something not visible, you may feel yourself rooted to the spot where suddenly there’s a smell of salt water mixed with roses, and it’s got your number. At that moment you know ‘I’m alive. Here, now.’ And what’s there? Whatever you make of it. Sometimes it’s ephemeral and nonviable. Ordinary.” Saw this over at

Liesbet Bussche.

what they said

Good At Getting

Time Out of Place

From 2007, Semiconductor’s hypnotic portrait of Kings Cross. Blieve we make money not art pointed me to this either directly or indirectly.

Time Out of Place.

My 38 Words, Their 3 Minutes

Love it when it feels like In the Bedroom, that suspense coming from seemingly nowhere, the quiet stillness. Hate the narration. Can’t buy Kate Winslet as dowdy. Something too pat and copout about the ending for the lovers.

If You Name The Baby “Justin”

This is like jjjjound without the materialism, and with a slightly darker taste. Both favorite brainbreakfasts. What’s in a name, hey?


Simultaneously Hilarious and Too Long

As with so many youtube franchises, some of these are funnier than others. I like this one. You may like others. We will respect each other’s preferences.

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