Tropical Malady

I have not seen anything like this, and I would like to see more. I expect a lot of viewers would find the second half too long and slow, but I would like to be able to invent a potion that would enable anyone to quiet down to the place where you can just dream along with that second half, enjoying the alien voice of the shaman tiger ghost and the shimmering of the tree over the transfiguring cow in the jungle night.

Addendum: the first half is completely different aside from featuring the same two actors in roles that may or may not be related to their roles in the second half. It feels more conventional, in that a lot more is going on, and yet it is also unlike most things I’ve seen. It feels at once naive and worldly – not just in the innocent, near-chaste relationship between two gay guys, but in all of its facets: the dialogue, the production values – it could be amateur documentary, except for the regular sense of the poetic voice and crafty hand of the author here and there. Wow, check out that sentence. Anyway. The first half is wonderful in its own way, and I neglected to mention it earlier because the second half is kind of a show stealer.

Nice Work Mystery Lady


This Wooster post drew me in, and I followed the link to the Flickr account from whence it came, then I sought information from the profile, fruitlessly, then through Google, also fruitlessly. Then it occurred to me that enjoying the art without any knowledge of the artist is a more “street art” experience anyway.

Wooster Collective: Shit We’re Diggin': The Art Of Vera.

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the chicken dream

Yeah, well

Pathetic Fallacy

The Therapy Is Not Working

I want to take some sort of exception to Soundwalk‘s seemingly pure commercial aspirations, yet cannot experience anything but pure love for them. I want to dismiss Phillippe Starck‘s work for them as generic dubstep and cousins, but instead I cannot turn it off. Must be some hocus pocus involved. On the upside, I have learned that the pokeyness of the App Store has its place from time to time, as I hope to salvage some pride and break this spell before the iphone release of the mix is approved.

24 Hours: The Starck Mix – Design – – International Design Interiors Fashion Travel.

Jason Hawkes, superfly

Laid Eyes On

kimber modern austin

(photo by Alison Zavos)

As I laid eyes on these seatbelt hammocks on Lost At E Minor, I acquired another tiny morsel of self knowledge: I love the material and fabrication of seatbelts. I can just feel this hammock, and I am nowhere near Austin.

Kimber Modern, Austin, selt belt hammocks – Cool Travel | Lost At E Minor: For creative people.

Melted Candy Parachute

For the time being, Diane Landry is the only artist I need. I will not attempt to estimate the duration of this “time being”. Accordion playing umbrellas, haunted hospital beds and kaleidoscopic laundry bins are, in and of themselves, almost all I need. But when they are performed? The only thing more wondrous than motion-triggered kinetic sculpture, I say, is performer-triggered kinetic sculpture. Or DJing with plastic rats and kettles instead of vinyl discs. Or transforming the everyday into, well, a different everyday. The closest I’ve seen words come to putting her work across: “turn something boring into candy that melts in the mind and becomes a parachute jump.” Those are Landry’s own words. You can read more of them here, and see video of more of her performances here .

Simultaneously Hilarious and Too Long

As with so many youtube franchises, some of these are funnier than others. I like this one. You may like others. We will respect each other’s preferences.

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