Overthunk, again

"How can an invitation to step onto a painting of a magic carpet, or throw a coin on to a painting of a wishing well create dialog about the social function of … Continue Reading ››

Who Needs Tilt Shift?

These are *stencils*, brother, on concrete blocks in a warehouse. More magic from Germany's EVOL, brought to me by the kind folk at PSFK. (Sure to see it in … Continue Reading ››

A Tour of the Tours

of animated giffies!!! Delight abounding. Submarine lists up some of the animated gif hotspots, like changethethought and hoponthespiralbitch. Somewhere in there I decided that the … Continue Reading ››

Cradled With Fascination

There is a simplicity to this guy's project that I enjoyed.

Photography vs GameBoy. And it made me think of the intro to a project I did in 2002, which … Continue Reading ››

Ocean Scene Globe | Significant Objects

O my heart. Love this project, as previously posted, but especially love the writing on this one. Ocean Scene Globe | Significant Objects.

Not Convinced They Come In That Colour

http://i1.wp.com/antonkerngallery.com/artists/42/images/953.jpg?w=474 I imagine this Jonas Wood as a sort of compulsive painter, continually painting, unable to stop. I imagine this because the subject matter appears to be every detail of his surroundings, including … Continue Reading ››

Photoshop Anti-hate Machine

This student project is, rightly, going around. I've been thinking on the Pshop use, and how it is, here, not for seeing different things but for seeing things differently. … Continue Reading ››