The Silver Anniversary

DMC celebrating 25 years? Crazy. Qbert performs this weekend at the finals.

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Not Convinced They Come In That Colour

I imagine this Jonas Wood as a sort of compulsive painter, continually painting, unable to stop. I imagine this because the subject matter appears to be every detail of his surroundings, including basketball cards, stacks of stuff in rooms, and people in kitchens and so forth. And milk crates. But I don’t know.

Some of it reminds me of South Park.

Booooooom! sent me there.

Anton Kern Gallery.

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Did Somebody Say Mew?

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Unexpectedly Quit

Love UQ, with its utter simplicity (“every time an Adobe application misbehaves I upload the error message”) and clever subtitle (“you can’t spell crash without CS”).  Love that I found it by searching for help on an Adobe error message.

Unexpectedly Quit — You can’t spell crash without CS..

Could Be Good, Hard To Tell

Enjoyed this review of James McWilliams’ Just Food. Reviewer Rebekah Denn gives credit for intelligent, challenging ideas which can be found in the book, but calls McWilliams on the flawed arguments, shallow support for assertions and patronizing tone.

Just Food |

Was That Glib

A Pleasant Surprise

For some reason I thought Babel was a handheld, doc-looking political statement about terrorism. Maybe a lot of the marketing used big gun Brad, whose story would most match that description. Anyway, I wasn’t terribly interested in that, so only got around to this last night. Goodness! There is so much more to this than that. So much beauty. Technically pleasing. Some ideas to consider. My only complaint is that I didn’t feel it as much as I would have liked, and this movie seems to have the potential to make you feel deeply. I’m not sure if this is a performance problem, or a story problem. I suspect the former, since the character you feel the most for, the nanny, is no more revealed through story than the other characters. Whatever, it’s a great piece of work that did inspire me.

F*ck Art School

A crushing reminder from The Cool Hunter that it is, as you feared, far too late for you to do anything worthwhile with your life. This stuff is the work of 19 year old, SELF TAUGHT Minjae Lee.

The Cool Hunter – Art.

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Esperanto vs. Interglossa

Not A Moment Too Soon