And Is It The Very Horse?

"Grace Throckmorton", Torin Stephens 2010

“images found on the internet of people who have died…downloaded and projected into a space that was either important to that person in life or was the site of their death…”

I saw this on Wooster last week, and took the time to learn more. I was surprised by what I learned. There are few other words posted with this work on Stephens’ site. I found I didn’t care, and learned instead that some things are better experienced without knowing how it is to project onto a horse.

The Artwork of Torin Stephens.

Read As Fiction

One Fell Swoop

Just. Beautiful.

And it’s an ad. “In March 2009 a small town in Iceland (Seydisfjordur) was filled with speakers. Sounds by Richard Fearless ( Death in Vegas ) Mum, Bob Dylan, Toumani Diabate, Roberto Goyeneche, Murcof, Federico Cabral, Guillemots, etc.” I don’t even care if it is real or not.

y Carl Sagan (5:42)


Kiss Concert Parking Area

Edward Burtynsky’s new work, Oil, is on the move, currently in New York’s Hasted Hunt Kraeutler Gallery and DC’s Corcoran, and soon to appear in Amsterdam at Huis Marseille. Down the calendar a bit, shows are scheduled in Canada and Scotland, as well. You can get the idea from his website, linked below, but of course you really need to be in the room with these large prints for maximum effect.

Edward Burtynsky [ Photographic Works ].

Every thing he ever made

Go to this link and click “prose” at top for a short sweet interactive proseness.

Joe Dunthorne – Every thing I ever made.

she was eaten

I can only take so much of their stuff, but this one touches my heart.

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Epidopesick link goes to a particular ytube vid in this machine, but if you back the url off to just you can enter any vid you want, or just ask for random. Magnificent. – This website is not endorsed by Google!.


“In November of 1998 AMFTSWKESR moved to the midwestern United States to be close to a curly haired woman he met in a chat room for people with a shared interest in a commercially unsuccessful science fiction film from the 1980s.”

-Tom Bartlett

In case you have not come across Significant Objects yet, the loveliness is:

Joshua Glenn and Rob Walker share an interest in arbitrary significance, if I can call it that. They’ve written books about it. Now they are curating a project in which they procure items from thrift shops, commission fictional accounts of the items’ pasts, and then auction off the items avec stories on eBay (proceeds to the author).

I have been contemplating related ideas since I was a girl, when tossing emptied pop bottles into the designated receptacle felt harsh. My longtime fave Cintra Wilson has contributed to the project. In other words, I think I love these guys.

Device | Significant Objects.