The Sweet Spirit

Acknowledging that there is very little new under the internet sun, we do still avoid insta-reblog, particularly from heavy traffic sites like Wooster. Unless forced. And … Continue Reading ››

Preslav Literary School

Today I will be listening to my new WEBCRUSH. I'm downloading Preslav Literary School's album Pretext/Context right now, and I think it's going to sound marvelous in … Continue Reading ››

Kelly and Michelle Dynamo

Wendy and Lucy made me want to dig up all of Kelly Reichardt's work and study it to see if I could learn how she creates "tension" or at least a sustained engagement out of … Continue Reading ››

Who Needs Tilt Shift?

These are *stencils*, brother, on concrete blocks in a warehouse. More magic from Germany's EVOL, brought to me by the kind folk at PSFK. (Sure to see it in … Continue Reading ››