Preslav Literary School

Today I will be listening to my new WEBCRUSH. I’m downloading Preslav Literary School’s album Pretext/Context right now, and I think it’s going to sound marvelous in headphones later. I see on the site references to musique concrete, Basinski, and reconstruct/deconstruct. All informative descriptions. The broadest, simplest idea I would tag it with is “accessible experimental”. The accessibility stems from the human hand recognizable as author of the work, and the very earthly soundscapes created. Preview the work here.

Preslav Literary School is Adam Thomas, whose work you may have encountered at various European festivals, where he performs live tape collage. Or you may have encountered his taste in the work of others if you enjoyed transmediale.10, as he was involved with its curation.

His website, in addition to hosting recordings, contains creative writing both journalistic and fictional. I read without surprise that he was reading Gravity’s Rainbow in 2009, and of course I wondered if he completed it (observant readers of Even More Legendary may recall my confession that I have repeatedly failed to do so). The site also reports on projects he’s involved in, like the Berlin Tape Run, whereby a tape changes hands repeatedly over four months, resulting in a collaborative audio document; and Echolalia, featuring a live tape orchestra, a workshop, and a publication of speculative fiction.

Melted Candy Parachute

For the time being, Diane Landry is the only artist I need. I will not attempt to estimate the duration of this “time being”. Accordion playing umbrellas, haunted hospital beds and kaleidoscopic laundry bins are, in and of themselves, almost all I need. But when they are performed? The only thing more wondrous than motion-triggered kinetic sculpture, I say, is performer-triggered kinetic sculpture. Or DJing with plastic rats and kettles instead of vinyl discs. Or transforming the everyday into, well, a different everyday. The closest I’ve seen words come to putting her work across: “turn something boring into candy that melts in the mind and becomes a parachute jump.” Those are Landry’s own words. You can read more of them here, and see video of more of her performances here .

I Mean Like I Don’t Even Know

Yeah, so if you’re trying to kik the kronik, you may wish to avoid viewing this. Conversely, if you are currently enjoying the chronic, you may find this compatible.

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Ramekin Vs Modicum

what they said

A New Citycrush?

I’ve long had a romantic notion of Copenhagen, dating to my discovery of Karen Blixen. But what I’m feeling now, thanks to Danish Royal Library’s Prevent Movement is less romance and more twitchy crush. It’s been a while since we posted any Dutch love, too, and I’m wondering if perhaps that crush has simply run its course, and whether this post will launch a new series of fawning love letters, from our legendariness to sweet Copenhagen…

All of our weaknesses are here:

  • shiny colourfulness, see above
  • sound art, see below
  • performance inspired by concrete poetry

Wait – performance inspired by concrete poetry is not a weakness of ours. Yet. We were feelin the poetry inspiration, however: Dane Vagn Steen.

Astrid Lomholt – Love In Arabic
(not the actual sound of Prevent Movement, but rather another piece by the same artist)

See you there. If you can’t make it, meditate on that image while playing the sound file. For those with longer than average attention spans, more may be learned at the links above and below:

Prevent Movement

Tom Fruin

Astrid Lomholt

Nothing’s Shocking

We don’t actually believe that, of course, which is why we will start in all caps: DO NOT VISIT THE TARGET OF THIS POST IF YOU ARE UNCOMFORTABLE LOOKING AT PORNY NAKED DUDES.

If you do visit, you will be treated to clever commentary on crazy photos collected from the internet. True cleverness, not the juvenile lampoon ubiquitous on sites like Unhappy Hipsters. You will likely read multiple posts, because LD offers more than just lulz – the commentators’ interiors-savvy gives the posts a pleasing weight, pointing out elements such as escritoires and Frank Frazetta prints. But the real triumph here is the consistently decor-focussed commentary juxtaposed with images whose focus was never intended to be the setting.  And there you are, looking past the what-is-he-putting-in-his-bum, to the vinyl tablecloth. Genius.

LURID DIGS : Horrifying Gay Amateur Interiors.

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Peace Out

Markus Weldon Imagebank. Truly inspired animated gifs. See for yourself:

Flickr Photo Download: Animated gif.

Seeing More Of No One

Pathetic Fallacy