This Sort Of Thing Can’t Really Be Overreported

Me reading Wooster reporting on Rumpus interviewing Anthony Lister. Excerpt:

“(Anthony Lister) This piece, titled HOLY MOLY (mixed media on canvas, painted 2008), is based on a story about Britney Spears’ sister having a baby. I initially painted a picture of a pretty young woman with a baby spitting lottery balls out of its vagina as if to suggest that children are a metaphor for the Holy Grail. It is a painting about fertility, miss-guided youth and predators within social networks and in the media.”

Wooster Collective: Zak Smith Interviews Anthony Lister.

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Easily, If Thoughtlessly, I Could, But

I am not going to post anything relating to the current Jonze joint, if only to reduce the amount of time I am made to give it my attention. Even after I see it. And I already know that then I will have my work cut out for me, upholding this fussy and arbitrary rule. I am always up for a challenge, me.

Always Writing “F*ck F*ck F*ck” In The Notebook Of My Mind

yes, Yes, YES

Grammatical Law of Towers

“When I was in middle school, my English teacher emphasized the fact that ‘the Eiffel Tower’ must be capitalized and accompanied with a definite article, the, in English grammar.”

Han Sungpil presents an interesting project of diptychs over at Lens Culture, built upon some sophisticated thinking about originality.

lens culture: “The eiffel tower(s)” by Han Sungpil.

I Mean Like I Don’t Even Know

Yeah, so if you’re trying to kik the kronik, you may wish to avoid viewing this. Conversely, if you are currently enjoying the chronic, you may find this compatible.

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“Restless Dynamism”

Lara Favaretto

More terrific installations, seen on Vvork. Especially love Simple Couples, pictured.

Lara Favaretto.

Nice Work Mystery Lady


This Wooster post drew me in, and I followed the link to the Flickr account from whence it came, then I sought information from the profile, fruitlessly, then through Google, also fruitlessly. Then it occurred to me that enjoying the art without any knowledge of the artist is a more “street art” experience anyway.

Wooster Collective: Shit We’re Diggin': The Art Of Vera.

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Où Est Chop Chop?

photo courtesy Amy Hope Dermont

And here are some places you might see, or might have seen What Cheer? Brigade.