Today’s Legendary Brought To You By Happiness

In an attempt to reign in my hyperbolic tendencies, I can only take the Fifth here. I want to flip out in this post, so bad, but I don't … Continue Reading ››

The Complicated Post

I post this even though it's over (not in my email = viewed maybe monthly. Email sub option please, LIMO, cuz monthly's not enough of you) partly because … Continue Reading ››


File:Ammo.jpg Revelation 1 - LOLCat Bible Translation Project. I have always enjoyed Revelations, but never before in peals of uncontrollable laughter. The lolcat bible translation is real, people. … Continue Reading ››

Nice Work Mystery Lady

4065636806_1742a6d3e8_b This Wooster post drew me in, and I followed the link to the Flickr account from whence it came, then I sought information from the profile, … Continue Reading ››

Then The Alternative Interpretation Dawned

ROA!'s images of piled up critters are interesting, but none moreso than the ones of rats. Taking a normally endearing animal image, the "puppy pile", and applying to a … Continue Reading ››